2019 Build Season

Week 1


Our year started with a bang with kickoff, and this year’s game was revealed. Everyone was in awe in the engineering room and carefully listened to the competition rules then immediately jumped into strategic planning for the game. After planning for some time, the team came into an agreement that we needed to decide between two bots: a robot focused on low goals and climbing or a robot dedicated to filling up the rocket. Both of the ideas would win one ranking point, but, ultimately, we decided on a specialized robot that fills up the rocket. During kickoff, we also refreshed the team on our core objectives.


The mechanical team was very busy during the first week of build season. They started off with reviewing the challenges that they must face during the competition. They began prototyping their ideas for the robot and presented the prototypes to the rest of the club. We decided on two West Coast wheels on the back and two omni wheels on the front was the best for the chassis. After the teams presented their ideas for the robot, the club took a vote on the different aspects of the final robot. The mechanical team worked on building different types of their prototypes and building the field. The practice field is an exact copy of the FIRST robotics competition course that the robot will train on. While some people constructed the field, the majority of mechanical built different types of intake mechanisms and debated which design would be the most advantageous.


The programming team got an early start on planning the autonomous portion of the competition. During the first 15 seconds of the round, the drive team’s vision will be covered, so the robot has to be completely autonomous or controlled with a camera. The programming team began path planning for the autonomous section. They’ve also practiced on a drive training program to test their abilities for the autonomous program. 


While mechanical worked on the bot and programming started making decisions on autonomous and pathfinding, electrical team designed an all-new electrical board for the robot. The electrical lead also inspected all the Talons and began preparing wires for build season.


Design was especially busy during this week because they needed to design the robot for the rest of the teams to work on. They finished a CAD (computer-aided design) for the chassis and almost finished the arm. Now that the chassis has been completed they moved on the CAD of the electrical board as well, and the intake design was on hold as we waited for the final plan for intake. Overall, design was very efficient in formulating a basic plan, and design completed for the robot’s subsystems.


While the rest of the team was working on bot-related activities, the business team focused on the other important parts of the team. They finalized the awards we will focus on this season: Imagery and Entrepreneurship. They started to work to achieve these awards. Our pit design team worked on making a theme for imagery and decided the theme “Astroknots”, designing the pit accordingly. In addition, we also worked on team attire, designing shirts, pins, and keychains for members and to pass out during competition.